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On: August 28, 2019

Ultimate Saving Tips List Australia

Firstly, if you have not seen my three main ways to save money in Australia check that out. This will be a more extensive list going into much more detail on particular ways to save money that I use.


\-Live in a share house, it is much cheaper to rent with someone or multiple people than alone
\-Refinance your mortgage if possible
\-Use electricity saving light bulbs and appliances
\-Lower water temperature or use cold water on washing machines, dishwasher etc
\-Install water saving shower heads and taps
\-Turn off electronics when you are not using them (lights, computers, etc)


\-Car pool to work, school, university, etc
\-Ride a bike or walk to near by places
\-Use public transport where viable
\-Use fuel apps to find cheapest fuel station
\-Do NOT buy a new car
\-Use the normal fuel, premium is more or less useless
\-Pump up your tyres, your car uses a lot more fuel with low air in its tyres
\-Clean your air filiter, can cost you up to 10% in fuel legth


\-Take bags to super market to save buying one each time
\-Buy food in bulk where you can
\-Buy generic food where you can
\-Drink more water, this not only saves money but will save your health, a large portion of the calories most people consume are from drinks
\-Don't eat out or at least out out smart, eating out is expensive it is much cheaper to bring your own food. If you are going to do it at least make use of the deals and offers
\-Buy Frozen veggies, same health benefits but cheaper


\-Work out the park, you don't always need a gym
\-Drink less, smoke less and use drugs less or just don't do it at all
\-Make sure your partner is on board
\-If you have memberships share and split costs e.g. netflix
\-Hang your clothes out, don't use a dryer
\-Offer to pay for things in cash and you will often get a deal
\-Get bills online, you often pay more when getting paper bills now
\-Call up and ask for discount on payments of all sorts, phones, health insurance, car insurance, etc
\-Mindset tricks, there are many such as match what you spend on things you don't need and save an equal amount. My best one is to always think in terms of hours work and as a kid making $8 an hour this meant I saved almost everything!
\-If you don't have a large household don't use a dishwasher
\-Before booking things like hotels, flights, etc shop around on multiple websites
\-Buy generic clothes where you can
\-Shop out of season
\-Buy things like text-books second hand or ask around


\-Track down lost money using ASIC
\-Learn your taxes, e.g. salary sacrificing (Check out this video on Aussie Taxes)
\-Cancel your memberships you don't need (e.g. gym, Netflix)
\-Pay off all high interest debt ASAP
\-Build an emergency fund so you don't have to borrow money
\-Leave a cushion in your bank account to avoid overdraft fees
\-Get with a bank account with no fees (Check out the highest interest bank with no fees here)
\-Set a limit on your card


\-Stop wasting money on alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
\-Buy generic meds, they have to be the same chemically
\-Pay for your health now to save later, e.g. going to the dentist
\-Ask to be bulk billed at doctors and even specialists

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As always, all information is provided in faith that it is accurate and reliable. However, it is to be noted I am NOT a financial adviser and information given is purely my opinion on discussed matters. It is always recommended you speak to a financial adviser before making any financial decisions you may not be sure of.

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Ultimate Saving Tips List Australia

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