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Written By Nickolas G. Muscat

On: August 28, 2019

My Top 3 Ways to Make Cash Online

There are probably millions of ways to make money online thousands that work, hundreds that most people can do and tens that most people can do and are worth their time. I have shared the, now, eight primary ways I make money online before, sharing the other seven here but which should you do?

Obviously this depends on your situation, skill-set and even your location, however, here are my thoughts. I will share my top three and the reasons why as most fall into one category but this should help you decide what may be best for you.

#1 Matched Betting

Until previously market research would have been my number one recommendation for most people as it is quick, easy and highly lucrative. However, this was before I came across that wonderful 8th method of making money online, matched betting. Matched betting like market research is quick, relatively simple when compared to other money making methods at its level and extremely profitable. At the very least everyone should be doing the sign up bonuses and most basic on-going promotions for an easy few thousand. If this doesn't make sense to you yet that is fine, it shouldn't. I discuss it in detail here and have a Playlist on YouTube but you are much 'better', no pun intended, learning from the experts here. Be sure to use this link to sign up for a discount should you decide to use the premium version down the line.

#2 Market Research

Market research, like matched betting, is easy, quick and requires almost no upfront investment like many of the other online money making methods and hence it ranks so highly. If you are not already doing market research once in a while, you should be, I make at least a few hundred a month from this. You can download my full and complete guide to how to do this here.

#3 Stocks and P2P Lending

These two ranked equally for me as they are both simple to set up, fully passive* and have roughly an equally small output re income. Both of these allow a upfront investment to bring you money each month without leaving the comfort of your home or putting much time at all. To read more on P2P Lending click here. I have not done too much content on stocks as this is covered by various experts, however, you can see a bit about my take in my 2018 portfolio breakdown.

\*Obviously how passive (not requiring active work) stocks are depends on your style of investing, however, let us assume in this case we are investing in a low-cost ETF long-term.

The other methods all fall into the category of requiring a fair amount of upfront investment, which for most, will not yield huge results. While all of these can definitely bring good results, I am thinking in terms of the average person whom may not want to put in such large up front efforts for an unguaranteed result. The above listed methods, however, are more likely to produce a positive outcome with the least amount of effort.

It is important to note as always, while all the information is provided in faith that it is accurate and reliable. It is to be noted I am NOT a financial adviser and information given is purely my opinion on discussed matters. It is always recommended you speak to a financial adviser before making any financial decisions you may not be sure of.

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