Nickolas G. Muscat

Written By Nickolas G. Muscat

On: August 28, 2019

How Anyone Can Get Rich (Real Method)

This will be a somewhat short post because I want EVERYONE to read it. This is an extremely simple concept that can and will make you very wealthy with what is possibly the least amount of effort of any.

Here is the grunt of it, start investing NOW.

Simply by investing $2.83 a day ($1000 a year) from birth assuming the market average return of 9% and reinvesting all interest, you would retire at age 65 with 3.8 million.

Okay, your parents didn't do that for you so now what? Start NOW!

The concept is the same, the earlier you start, the better off you are. Let's say you are like me and started at 17, you would still have almost $900,000! That is a fine number but a big difference and it only gets worse as you get older, however, it is never too late. Do not see this as a reason not to invest but see it as a reason to start investing now.

Imagine if you invested more. I aim to invest over $30 a day, that is over $10,000 a year and if I keep it up I will retire with almost 9 million.

I think this is possibly the most important concept I have spoken about so far and probably will remain so. I actually first learnt about the amazing power of compound interest (that being the result of reinvesting investment income) from the book More Money by Noel Whittaker and would like to give credit to him as I actually used similar numbers as used in the original publishing.

Please take this on board and feel free to ask any questions below.


-Anyone can get rich by investing

-When you start will have a large impact

-How much you invest will have an equally large impact

-The best time to start is now

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It is important to note as always, while all the information is provided in faith that it is accurate and reliable. It is to be noted I am NOT a financial adviser and information given is purely my opinion on discussed matters. It is always recommended you speak to a financial adviser before making any financial decisions you may not be sure of.

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