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On: August 28, 2019

How I made thousands from Market Research

We all know about the countless fake, scammy, data collecting and low paying surveys out there. But some how, I and many others are making hundreds a week from Market Research.

I am going to tell you exactly how.

So, I have spoken about how you can make money from market research before and in fact I even wrote a whole free eBook including the exact sites I use here. However, people wanted a video (and blog) so here you go!

I actually started doing market research for cash at 16 so I know the field pretty well. But today I am going to list every market research session I have done (that I can remember) and how much I got for it so you really know how easy it can be.

\-Two 3 hour forums (6 hours) on Water usage paid $500. That is $83.33 p/h we were fed a full morning tea and lunch.

\-45 minute new Coke flavor taste test paid $60. I literally just tried a new coke flavor and shared my thoughts on it and was paid $75 p/h.

\-30 minute online panel on my favorite chocolate, paid $80. That is a sweet $160 p/h.

\-1 hour online interview on my thoughts on a new housing scheme paid $120. Not bad for sitting at home talking on the phone.

\-1 hour decision making study $120

\-1 hour interview on roads and driving paid $120.

\-1 hour behavioral study paid $80.

\-1 hour study on classifications (video) $80

2 x 1 hour phone interview on new app paid $300.

\-2 x 1 hour phone interview on new app paid $300.

\-1 hour study on general living $70

\-2 hour study on local infrastructure paid $200.

\-1 hour study on studies (ironic I know) paid $80.

\-1 hour study on my-gov paid $80.

\-30 min study on curiosity $70

\-30 min study on groceries $70

\-1 hour study on cognition $75

\-15 minute hair product test $20

\-30 minute online survey $70

That is a total of $2590 from those I can remember alone.

Now there is a good chance I will get banned from (even more) market research companies for sharing this so thank me and help yourself by subscribing to our email list and YouTube channel for more great information!

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