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Written By Nickolas G. Muscat

On: August 28, 2019

Why I Turned Down a 100k Job at 18

Bad job? No, Too far away? Nope, A better offer? Not quite

Frankly the reason lies in the value of time. Sure, I could take the role and enjoy a comfortable $2500 a week from work alone.

But the downfall quickly becomes apparent if you are a person who desires efficiency. Let's start by pointing out the main issue, a lack of potential growth. Sure, I could work my way up over time and end up on 150k or more, but this takes, you guessed it time. I am confident I can make my time more valuable and thus taking the job is simply selling myself short. Moreover, there is a ceiling with almost all jobs regarding how much you can make and this limits your earning potential.

Next, it means a lot less free time and flexibility. Working full-time results in less time being available to do things that can make you money for a long time (passive income) as well as reducing your flexibility which is important when looking for new opportunities to expand your wealth or life in general. You become locked down.

This leads me onto my next point, this and the routine of it all would simply drive me crazy. As someone with the entrepreneur mindset, I need the ability to be flexible, always grow and to decide what I do on my own terms. The idea of it alone frustrates me.

Financially, I once heard that you should never only work for money. The role I was to perform would have made me money as a job should but would not have taught me the skills I need to get to where I want to be. This was definitely a big factor in my decision.

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*This post has gained a lot of attention recently and I would like to point out, I am not saying do not work, I am simply saying a FT job may not be best for you if you can afford to work part-time or casual and work on your own projects in your free time as I do.

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-Places a limit on the value of your time

-Lack of time to create things that will create income for years (passive income)

-It limits your opportunitys

-A FT job can be unhealthy for someone with the entrepreneur mindset

-You shouldn't work a job only for the money if you can avoid it

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