Do less, Get More.

Aussiemoneyman The first leading Website tailored Specifically to Australian Finance and Business in General.

How AMM got Started?

Aussiemoneyman (AMM) was started simply by Nicholas sharing his extensive research with a goal to get the best by doing the least work. This started as a simple comparison of all Australian Peer-to-Peer investing platforms (something not done previously). Today AMM provides various real value providing content from investing in P2P to making money from Market Research.


What is Our Goal?

It is simple, we hope to provide holistic, unbiased, unique, first hand experienced and free information to you so you can too get more for less. We pride ourselves on sticking to these values and so while we may not pump out as much content as other similar sites and YouTube channels, you know when we do, it is of real value and you can trust it.

Australian Specific Content

There are many websites of this nature tailored to the USA and other countries but a limited amount tailored to Australians when factoring in the limited availability of sites that post regularly on topics that matter from the perspective of an Australian trying to achieve financial freedom.


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