Nickolas G muscat


I founded AMM with the simple goal of sharing my extensive research with others. Australian Personal Finance. Let me be frank, we as humans are all lazy, we want the most for doing the least. It is fundamental human nature and I am no different, I just happen to have a lot of motivation to assure it. I took it to the next step when I decided to create AMM and share that motivation and subsequent research with you.

Being someone who does not come from an affluent family I was made independent at a very young age. I have watched and continue to watch my parents, as well as many others, work tirelessly while barely living with the hope of scraping by in retirement. Life should not be and does not have to be like this. Many people like to assume that I had some special connections or wealthy parents, but this is simply not the case, in fact it seems I have had it a bit hard.

So, I decided to change this for myself and by creating Aussiemoneyman (AMM), for others also. Started as a simple blog and now expanded into this site as well as on YouTube and a lot of hard work.

Being heavily interested in finance and entrepreneurship I am sharing my journey and any research I do for myself here in this blog and/or on our YouTube channel which can be found Here.

Currently, I have started multiple small businesses including some in eCommerce, written multiple eBooks, made thousands a month in affiliate marketing, invested in the stock market, both actively and passively, and P2P lending platforms, partnered with some of the biggest companies in their industry and gained some very valuable mentors.

Despite my love for various employee dependent roles and my experience working for both the State and Federal Australian Governments before 20 at some point in the future, I hope to become completely independent of any employers and work with others to educate in the power of taking control of one's finances.

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