Covering everything from Investing to Saving to Wealth Creation from first-hand experience you know are in good hands.

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Nickolas Muscat
Do less, Get More

Nicholas G. Muscat.

Our Misson: Sharing holistic, unbiased, first hand, free and unique information.

  • High Net-worth

    Nicholas has created real wealth and no he did not come from an affluent family, live with his parents or anything of the like. In fact, Nicholas attended one of his states bottom public schools.

  • Started multiple profitable businesses.

    Nicholas has been able to create not one but multiple profitable businesses utilising varying online business models.

  • Spent years researching the most efficient ways to achieve success.

    Like everyone, Nicholas wants to get the most for the least work and he has assured he finds the best way to do this. He has spent 4 years now learning the best ways to achieve success. AMM is his way of sharing it.

  • Worked for the state and federal Government, learnt a second language, read hundreds of books on self improvement and finance and more.

    Nicholas is not just the AussieMoneyMan, he values freedom and the ability to follow his passion no matter what that may be. Money is simply the tool to get there. Nicholas is qualified in frameworks such as a sAFE Practitioner and Scrum Master, Agile certified professional, Project Leadership and Manager and more.

Why We Are Different

  • Unique

    We don't cover anything that has been widely covered unless it fails to meet our values, so we don't waste anyone's time.

  • Holistic

    We don't do half a job on anything, we cover each topic in extreme detail, covering all competitors, all details, facts, etc.

  • Evidence Based

    Unlike almost every other site out there, we look for evidence for everything we talk about so you know you are getting real data that has backing.

  • Unbiased

    We provide actual factual data with no bias so you can make the best decisions for you.

  • Free

    We don't charge you for what we provide so you know it is of value, no need to trick you into buying from us.

What we cover here at AMM

While what we may cover here is broad, you can bet if it is covered, it is done well. That is, holistically, unbiased, free, honest and evidence based.

General Business

General Business tips and experiences.

Making Money

One of AMMs differences, every great way to make money we have found is here

Saving Money

The best tips are here, in fact we have them all.

Investing Money

Stocks, bonds, P2P, micro-investing, ETFS, it is here!


Everything related to onshore tax can be found here.


Everything Superannuation related can be found here

National and International Financial Comparisons

Providing the hard facts so you can always have the best.

The benefits of going off-shore

One that only a few will reach mostly due to never reaching the point of necessity or perhaps for some the desire

Wealth creation

General ways to personal wealth creation, often the soft skills.


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    I've subscribed and sent links of your videos to my friends to help broaden your reach. Keep up the great work!

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    Hey! I hope you are well, just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your FB page and how helpful it is.

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    Your a legend, appreciate the research and response. That’s Another reason I follow your work. Thank you bro.

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    Thanks heaps, only found you a few days ago but am absolutely loving the content, its crazy helpful.

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